Avoid plagiarism

A work is plagiarized when a student copies someone else original text or ideas without providing any kind of reference or in-text citation. It is an act of fraud.


  • Presenting someone else work as your own
  • copying words or ideas from someone else without giving credit
  • failing to put a quotation in quotation marks
  • providing incorrect information about the source of a quotation
  • changing words but copying the sentence structure of a source without giving credit
  • copying so many words or ideas from a source that it makes up the majority of your work, whether you give credit or not

Most cases of plagiarism can be avoided, however, by citing sources. Simply acknowledging that certain material has been borrowed and providing your audience with the information necessary to find that source is usually enough to prevent plagiarism.

(Source: http://www.plagiarism.org/plagiarism-101/what-is-plagiarism)