One Stop Gateway for Holiday Programs

Posted on 17-12-2020 at 11:05

    Children becomes fluent in reading with practice. Students need to refer a huge bundle of reading materials. MNU Library has prepared a one stop Gateway with all available resources for parents, children, students, & lecturers. Free Databases Saruna MNU Digital Repository Saruna is an online database that provides a central location to collect, […]

One spot admission event

Posted on 16-01-2019 at 08:42

Here is your opportunity to get “on the spot” admission to MNU courses and free attestation of certificates Come join us on 19 January 2019, Saturday from 16:00 – 18:00 & 20:00 – 22:00 @ MNU Central Administration.

Meeting with Environmental Protection Agency

Posted on 09-01-2019 at 13:17

A successful meeting with the Environmental Protection Agency  was held today regarding the sharing of their resources with our Library. An agreement was also made to digitize and preserving their resources for long term use and to make it available via Saruna, our local database.

Youth Malaysians Movement visits The Maldives National University Library

Posted on 05-12-2018 at 09:53

Youth Malaysians Movement (Y.M.M.) visited The Maldives National University Library as part of their “Malaysia – Maldives: Outstanding Youth Programme”. The students were given a tour of the university by The Maldives National University Students’ Union.

Meeting with Mr. Abdulla Farooq Hassan

Posted on 27-11-2018 at 13:27

Famous for his historical Islamic books and articles, the renowned author, Abdulla Farooq Hassan, has published more than 50 books. Today, the Senior Management team of MNUL had a successful meeting with him to gain his consent to upload his books and articles to MNUL’s local database, Saruna.

Ghiyasuddin International School students visited MNU Library

Posted on 16-10-2018 at 13:40

Ghiyasuddin International School students visited MNU Library as part of their Community Service Program. The students assisted the Library by learning the techniques of accessioning, classifying, cataloging library materials, shelving and mending library books